For the last several years, I’ve concentrated my work as a journalist and graduate student on political and economic development in the Mediterranean area. This site is an attempt to focus my work and research on the region as a cohesive political and culture body rather than emphasizing traditional North-South, East-West borders. This page will act as a platform for daily news and commentary suggestions as well articles and opinion from the author of this page.

 While I am currently based in the region, I am from the United States and am aware that this will likely color my view of events. I will do my best to offer a fair and accurate depiction of events from Gibraltar to the Suez Canal.

 For any additional information, questions, or suggestions, please refer to the Comments section. 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sarah Lawson says:


    I’m a university student conducting academic research on the Mediterranean region, and I was wondering if you could tell me about yourself for citation purposes in a class presentation. What is your last name and where are your degrees from/where are you currently studying?

    Thanks so much–
    Sarah Lawson

    • coatschristopher says:

      Ms. Lawson, While I appreciate your interest, I am not sure my blog would warrant inclusion in any sort of research, at least as far as actual citation is concerned. I would be happy to help try to find other resources but unless there was something specific you wanted to cite, I am not sure my general blog would be something you’d include.

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